Our mission statement - KRAUSKOPF Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Our mission statement

Top performance should be our benchmark, diversity our strength, innovation our success and international partnerships our goal.

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We gain our motivation from the satisfaction of our customers. We want to exceed their expectations of our products, ensure that their mixtures are of the highest quality and offer them not just products, but comprehensive solutions. Our employees should be proud of our company and see their personal goals fully met, both professionally and personally.

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Our vision is the development, manufacture and sale of innovative machines and systems, backed up by our services based on the latest technological achievements in the field of process engineering. We aim to create an international association of subsidiary / affiliated / partner companies, which will jointly serve the target markets that bring about added value for their products as well as high growth.

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Our mission requires the securing of jobs and corporate success. We want the marking of our process technology products and services to be competitive and economically efficient. In doing so, we build on the constant gain in market share, quantitative and qualitative growth and permanent innovative success. We are firmly committed to our obligations to our company, our employees and business partners. We are responsible for our actions and we aim for a sustainable approach to our environment as well as a high level of customer and employee satisfaction.

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We practice our values ​​such as straightforwardness, honesty and openness every day - towards customers and colleagues. We are a high-performing community that stands for continuity and reliability. At the same time, we encourage the initiative and independence of our employees. We support our customers fairly, competently, quickly, courteously and result-oriented. Internally and externally, our actions should be shaped by ethical principles such as trust, helpfulness, humanity, loyalty, sustainability, respect, transparency and justice.

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It is our stated goal to convince our customers of the economic benefits of our systems as well as of our innovative solutions with individual, holistic consulting tailored to our customer requirements. Our aim is to be a trustworthy, future-oriented partner for first-class and high-quality products.


KRAUSKOPF – your reliable partner.

KRAUSKOPF Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG