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Mixing tool system TuneMixx®

Mixing tool system

…the sophisticated way of mixing!


Our latest innovation will maximise customer benefits thanks to unique economic, ergonomic, design and processing engineering features.

The invention and development of vertically mounted TuneMixx® tool bracket with integrated quick-change system lays the foundation for a new generation of mixing tools for processing mixtures of various consistencies, regardless of whether dry/solid, crumbly, plastic/pasty or liquid.


Mischgut Trocken


Mischgut Krümelig


Mischgut Plastisch/Pastös


Mischgut Flüssig



TuneMixx® benefits

  • Enhanced quality and throughput
    Achieve better mixture quality and higher throughput rates!

  • Up to 90% less production downtime 
    Avoid time-consuming and wage-intensive wear part changes with long production downtimes using easy replacement and user-friendly exchange of all product-contacting parts in a matter of minutes!

  • Up to 95% savings in installation costs
    Save on installation costs thanks to lower personnel and time expenditure!
  • Up to 50% less wear costs
    Use mixing blades on both sides and save on wear part costs!

  • Cost reduction
    Save money using intelligent coordination of the product-contacting wear parts in terms of material, shape and design.

  • Easy cleaning
    Low cleaning cost thanks to smooth surfaces and closed constructions!



Our technological innovation was awarded the High-Tech Innovation Voucher by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics.


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