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Building materials

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Building materials are materials and raw materials that are used for the construction of buildings and structures of various types.

Concrete, dry mortar and plaster as well as sand-lime brick are only three of the primary categories which are in turn subdivided into individual applications and products.


  • Roofing tile concrete
  • Facing concrete
  • Sleeper concrete
  • Foam concrete
  • Fibre concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Polymer concrete
  • Sulphur concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Ultra-high strength concrete

Dry mortar and plaster

  • Masonry mortar
  • Interior plaster, fa├žade plaster and lightweight plaster
  • Thermal insulation plaster
  • Cement screed and anhydrite screed
  • Mixed cements
  • Adhesive mortar, smoothing and repair mortar

Sand-lime brick

  • Brick
  • Expanded clay
  • Perlite

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